Our speciality. We make more
from grain.

Flexibility, many years’ know-how, craftsmanship, and a passion for refining high-quality grains into a wide range of basic materials for the production of food and animal feed: our customers across Europe value us for this reason.


In our grain mill in Großrosseln, our specialists process high-quality grains, predominantly from Germany and France, into a product range with an inspiring spectrum. MEGRO is therefore a sought-after supplier of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products for the cereal, muesli, bar, biscuit, and baking industries, and for manufacturers of high-quality, plant-based dairy alternatives and natural grain extracts (plant-based ingredients).


In addition to an extensive range of grain products, we offer our customers services related to grain refinement. For example, we process our customers’ grain to form their specified raw materials within the framework of contract processing. We’re also your partner when it comes to developing new grain products with defined product characteristics.


Healthy, high-quality, and certified. MEGRO’s diverse product range.

Oats are one of the healthiest grains. It is significantly more nutritious than other grains and has forever been sought after for food and animal feed – especially in today’s world, thanks to the high-quality superfood’s impressive nutritional characteristics. In our grain mill, we refine only the best oats to form a wide range of flakes, groats, flours as well as kernels, bran and coarse meal. At our site in Großrosseln, we also process selected spelt, rye, wheat, and barley to create first-class raw materials for food production.


Grain products made to order. You and us – the development team.

Contract processing

Put your trust in MEGRO’s know-how and modern technology when it’s time to refine your quality grain. As your reliable and flexible service provider, we process your grain further to form your desired end product within the framework of contract processing. You can rely on optimal product quality, optimum product characteristics, and reliable supply.

Product development

MEGRO is also a flexible partner to the food industry when it comes to developing new products from oats and other grains. As part of a partnership with our customers, we develop customised grain products together to meet their specifications. They benefit from our know-how, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology as well as our many years of product development. All of this guarantees them first-class quality and optimum product characteristics according to their requirements.


Flakes and more from MEGRO. Healthy enjoyment guaranteed.

Making high-quality products from oats and other grains – that’s our business. The best way is to see for yourself. Simply request a sample here to assess our quality.

In addition to our very extensive standardised range, we also produce customised products and also offer contract processing.

As a medium-sized grain mill, we’re a reliable partner who stands at eye level with our customers, offering short distances and direct contacts who can deliver flexibly, reliably, and on schedule – also in small batches from 1.5 tonnes and according to the customer’s specifications.

As a customer-focused company, we also make customised products on request – even in small batches if requested. We’re also happy to develop new products with and for our customers as part of development partnerships.

Our product range for organic grains from controlled organic cultivation is the same as for conventional goods.

Our raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products from oats and other grains are available in various packaging sizes: as bagged goods in 25 kg paper bags or in big bags up to 1,000 kg.

Cereals – a gift of nature.


We take responsibility.
For man and nature.

Grain is a gift of nature – and it’s the foundation of our economic existence. With our high-quality flakes, kernels, grains, groats, bran, to name just some examples, we obtain the basic ingredient for a number of healthy foods.

Demand for these plant-based foods is booming as a result of the steadily increasing popularity of vegetarian alternatives to animal foods – for reasons of animal welfare, for health reasons, or to reduce CO₂ emissions, and improve each person’s carbon footprint, for example. Accordingly, we are mindful of our planet’s resources and thus take responsibility for the balanced and healthy nutrition of our fellow human beings and our natural environment.

This is expressed in our choice of suppliers and in our supply chains, for example. Here, we have always relied on short distances and eye level. Most of the quality grain we process and refine comes from Germany and France, specifically from selected grain suppliers with whom we have a long-standing partnership and trust-based collaboration. We are also constantly optimising our logistics, processes, and the technologies we use to gently process the grain to ensure we save valuable energy and protect our environment.


With safety, care, and quality

Sustainable cultivation through long-standing partners

Our grain comes primarily from selected growers in Germany and France – growers with whom we maintain great relations.

Careful and professional testing ensures top quality

Directly upon delivery, our experts carefully test the delivered raw materials in our own laboratory to ensure top quality.

State-of-the-art hulling and flaking technology

With the help of cutting-edge technology, the grain is first carefully cleaned and then refined as gently as possible in our mill.

High-quality flakes, groats, bran, and more

For our demanding customers, we produce top-quality grain bases for a wide range of applications.